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The Mystery of the Obama Brown snubfest


Courtesy of times-onlineAn interesting question was raised by Colleen on another thread – for reasons of housekeeping I have transferred it all here:

Hello all!
Colleen from New York here.
Thought I might ask the feelings of the people of Great Britain as to how they feel about the anger of Sarkozy at Obama for not speaking of the second nuclear plant in Iran, while Obama was well aware of it at the summit. But yet Brown, slurping up to Obama, grinning away and pandering, with the hope of even getting a picture of himself with Obama at the summit. Why does he do this?
This was a betrayal to all and and a showing of the vast inexperience of Obama to even be on the world stage. It also was deceiving…am I wrong?

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  1. Dontmindme
    30/09/2009 at 20:00

    Hi Colleen

    Ahh well there were several things going on

    1) Timing of announcement. Obama kept it hidden so it would not overshadow his chairing of the security council and his big ‘nukes into ploughshares’ moment

    2) Gordon Brown ’sucking up’ Gordon Brown is in serious trouble, he has to have a general election before June next year, and the polls are just terrible for him. Also it is the annual gathering of the Labour Party here, so he wanted some ‘Obama loves Gordon’ pictures to big himself up as a world statesman in the UK press. However because of eye-wateringly inept spinning, the story ended up being about him being’snubbed’ even if he wasn’t (he did get his meeting and photo-call in the end)

    3)Sarkozy. The French are always peeved when the Anglo-Saxons go and do stuff without their permission. I would not read anything into that!

    As to what I think. Obama is being naive about nukes and naive about Iran. I imagine/hope that the facts are sufficiently clear that Iran is not close to weaponisable nukes that the Israelis do not feel compelled to act at the moment. (thank god for the Israelis). However I perceive (from the other side of the pond) that he is finding domestic politics a great deal more difficult than the rhetoric of the election suggested, and that he is focused far more on Healthcare at home, than the Mid East, and will be for some time to come.

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