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They want respect do they?

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And so it begins!

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So El Gordo has finally discovered the balls to go to the polls. There’s a first time for everything I suppose! Finally we can get rid of this imbecile!

Shows what the Government thinks of Darts Fans

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Stephen Fry, for it is he, pointed out on twitter:

 I’m hoping the decision to screen anti benefit fraud ads during the darts isn’t a reflection on what the govmnt thinks of darts fans, LOL.

Bet it is though! Most of them look down on the working classes as cattle to be led to the polling booth.

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Liberal Conspiracy » Blogging and PCC Regulation – A Collective Response

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Calling all bloggers from the UK. You really should be reading this!

Liberal Conspiracy » Blogging and PCC Regulation – A Collective Response.

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M30 reverb plugin for free

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m30_reverbDid you know the TC Electronic is the maker of stunning reverbs? Well now you can have the M30 reverb plugin for free. All you need to do is fill out a form and TC Electronic will send you the link to download the plugin free of charge.

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GM reports $1.2B loss, says it shows progress – Yahoo! News

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You couldn’t make this up

GM reports $1.2B loss, says it shows progress – Yahoo! News.

If this is making progress, I’d hate to see what falling behind was like!

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Appologies for not posting

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As it happens, I have been a tad busy with other projects of late and have been remiss in posting here. Will try to do better.

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