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Shows what the Government thinks of Darts Fans

21/11/2009 Comments off

Stephen Fry, for it is he, pointed out on twitter:

 I’m hoping the decision to screen anti benefit fraud ads during the darts isn’t a reflection on what the govmnt thinks of darts fans, LOL.

Bet it is though! Most of them look down on the working classes as cattle to be led to the polling booth.

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Immoral Equivalency

01/10/2009 3 comments

art_polanski_giThis is worth a read! Might also be a shoe-in for Pseuds Corner but that’s another mattter. Point may still be valid!

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Lovebombing – whatever next?

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My Debt to Labour

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[clearspring_widget title=”My Debt to Labour” wid=”49305ffa183f0b58″ pid=”4abab213829f1a36″ width=”204″ height=”178″ domain=””]

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Conservative T-Shirt competition enters its final phase

23/09/2009 Comments off

Oh, the suspense! Seems that the Tories have been running a competition to find the slogan for a new party t-shirt. Not sure why but I think I prefer a picture of Gordon Brown and the words ‘The weak are a long time in politics’

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